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Continuing Education Seminars
Tuition: $96 (12 Hrs) or $69 (6 Hrs). Lunch included for 12 hrs.


12 Hours

6 Hours

Self Study Continuing Education Courses
Advanced Estate Planning12L/H$69.95MS
Understanding Life Ins. Plans, Policies12L/H$62.95MS
Delivering Quality Service12L/H$67.95MS
Estate Planning Concepts25L/H$81.95MS
Life & Annuity Suitability Standards12L/H$62.95MS
Long Term Care12L/H$69.95MS, AL
Long Term Care Concepts12L/H$69.95MS
Life Insurance Policy Comparison & Underwriting12L/H$69.95MS
Commercial Auto Coverage12P/C Adj.$69.95MS
Commercial General Liability12P/C Adj.$69.95MS
Delivering Quality Service12P/C Adj.$67.95MS
Homeowner 200012P/C Adj.$69.95MS
Workers Compensation Coverage12P/C Adj.$69.95MS
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